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In Madeira island there is all sorts of landscape, which makes the island a very attractive destination for holiday makers, who seek diversity of scenery.

Among the most popular tours of the island is definitely the Go West excursion and in Madeira Happy Tours, you shall find this journey available on a daily basis.

In the following lines, we shall share with our guests, our personal description from the best of the west tour.

We leave from our office in the shopping center of the Hotel Monumental Lido to pick up our guests in their accommodations and drive afterwards to the West side of the island.

Porto Moniz village, Madeira island.

When we leave the outskirts of Funchal city towards Câmara de Lobos village, you shall be introduced to the banana plantations and verify how they grow in our steep terraces of land. One says that we have the most tasteful bananas in the whole world!

Our first highlight of the day is the picturesque fishing village so called Câmara de Lobos, which is known by the Espada (Scabard) fish, Espetada (beef on the skewer) and the vineyards where the famous Madeira table wine grows. There is as well the drink so called Poncha to try in the local bars.

Then, we continue our adventure passing through the high hills of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos with its extensive areas of vineyards to reach the second highest sea cliff in the world, the mighty Cabo Girão stands at 580 meters above the sea level. The views overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, Funchal city and the cultivated terraces on the edge of the cliffs are breathtaking. By then, you shall be already impressed with the amazing work of our farmers!

From Cabo Girão, we shall head ourselves towards Ribeira Brava village or literally the “Wild River” village like it is called in Portuguese. There will be a break for coffee and the opportunity to visit the church with the most beautiful chanderliers in the island. By the sea there is a very pleasant promenade to walk around.

Then, it will be the time to drive from the sea to the highest plateau of Madeira. Towards Paul da Serra there will be a change of landscape and vegetation and when we reach the top, one may see the South-West coast of the island with Callheta’s municipality at the bottom and the Atlantic Ocean at a distance. Looking to the North side of the plateau, lies the valley where the Natural Park of Madeira shelters our endemic Laurel woods from which some of the most well known levada walks take place.

We shall carry on towards the belvedere overlooking Porto Moniz village to admire the beautiful village set between the sea and the cliffs. It is a very good spot to put yourselves into a photography test with your cameras.

One will descend to Porto Moniz village for the lunch break and there will be approximately one hour and thirty minutes for our guests to choose whatever they wish to do in the meantime. There is a big selection of restaurants, snack bars all over the village, which makes you feel at ease to do whatever you wish.

In the case that you are prepared to swim in the semi natural sea water pools during the lunch break, do not forget to bring your swimm wear and the towels and have a snack in the complex.

Besides this atraction, in Porto Moniz there is as well a Center of Life Science and an Aquarium that you may visit as well.

The second half of our excursion will be driving through the North-West coast of the island, from Porto Moniz village towards São Vicente village.

One shall have the immense Atlantic Ocean with its deep blue waters in one side and in the other side the massive steep ravines dropping from the sky together with some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole island that forms a kaleidoscope of colours only encoutered among the nature and makes the picture become more perfect.

We shall pay a visit to São Vicente village, situated in a valley in the midle point of the North of the island. It is very traditional and you are able to visit the church and its surroundings.

From the village, we shall drive to the top of the mountains where there is a viewpoint strategically positioned at one thousand meters altitude to offer to our guests views overlooking the valley of São Vicente and the South coast of the island where the valley of Ribeira Brava leads the way to the sea.

We shall descend the valley to join the two lanes carriage way that connects Ribeira Brava to Funchal city and return our Madeira Happy Tours guests into their accommodations, after a memorable day out throughout the West side of the island.

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