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A journey into the heart of Madeira island that definitely helps you to understand the facts within the formation and the process attached to become the wonderful archipelago where you shall spend your holidays among us.

Madeira Happy Tours offers the possibility to visit the São Vicente caves and the Volcanism Center on a daily basis in our Go North island tour.

Madeira was discovered in the 15th. century, however, it has waited for more than 4,5 milion years to be baptized. A very long time, that began when different volcanic phenomena started to mold the relief of what is today the current shape of one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world.

The Volcanism Centre shall take you through a journey of “Volcanoes, dragons of the Earth” and the “Origins of Madeira” exhibitions to discover the island in its childhood and find out how it has grown up to become what is today.

Created by the Nature 890 thousand years ago, the São Vicente Caves are without doubt, the richest geological discovery in Madeira islands and are considered by many to be the island’s true cradle.

It is an opportunity, for you to embark for an adventure that shall allow you to follow the trails in which the incandescent lava opened up tunnels milions of years ago and see some fauna that has probably never seen the light of the day.

It will be a unique experience that shall help you to become profoundly acquainted about Madeira island in the company of official guides.

Be welcome to joins us for a memorable experience.

Thank you very much for your time.

Marco Ferreira

Madeira Volcano Caves

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