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Jeep safari Madeira island

Madeira Happy Tours offers the most extensive programme of excursions and levada walks in Madeira island to holiday makers that wish to discover our wonderful paradise with the best local guides that there is available in your own native language.

For the ones of you with a more adventurous spirit, we have at your disposal on Wednesdays a combination of a full day jeep expedition together with a levada walk in the East part of Madeira island. So, you are more than welcome to join us in the ultimate Combo Expedition that shall drive you in a Land Rover tour plus an interesting rambling through a levada walk.

You shall encounter the genuine Madeira people and the breathtaking landscape in a different perspective by Land Rover and explore the Laurissilva forest in the Eastern side.

Later on, when walking through the levada shall give you the chance to experience the rough terraces where our farmers grow their various crops.

It is a great way to have a leisure journey and admire the natural wonders of Madeira island.

Happy people.

Marco Ferreira

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