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Sights from viewpoint.

North coast in Madeira island.

The most famous mountain walk in Madeira island – Pico do Arieiro – Pico Ruivo – is temporarily unavailable at the moment and because of this fact, Madeira Happy Tours would like to present an alternative for our guests, who still wish a rambling walk with stunning landscapes and exceptional sights overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

This traditional footpath invite us to go back in time, reminding us when people and goods were carried through the sea connecting the several small harbours that exist throughout the island even before the roads infrastructure were built.

Roughly one hundred years ago, the farmers carved a footpath along the North coast which was the only route they had to transport their products into a little “hand crafted” harbour in Ponta de São Jorge.

Our rambling journey begins at Ribeiro Fundo, walking through Madeira’s well known Laurissilva indigenous forest towards the habitat of exotic plants along the coastal strip of land.

After descending three hundred meters, one arrives at a hidden spot reachable only on foot, so called Lapa Negra. This remote viewpoint allows you to observe magnificent views overlooking Porto Moniz on the far West side of the island. We continue our walk on one of Madeira’s oldest footpath leading to Curral da Rocha, with a succession of ups and downhills along the cliff edge of Farrobo and the light house of São Jorge.

We will walk down to the seafront at Callhau de São Jorge, where there is a small beach and a swimming complex situated at the river mouth, providing superb views of the surrounding landscapes. In the case that you wish, it will be possible to swim or just admire the picture around you.

After the refreshing break, we continue the walk towards Santana village, which is our final destination.

Sure that you will enjoy this leisure excursion mountain walk with Madeira Happy Tours.

Marco Ferreira

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