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One of the most beautiful settings for a half day levada walk in Madeira island takes place in the surroundings of Porto da Cruz village on the North-East part of the island.

It is the kind of rambling for leisure that is suitable for everybody who wishes to experience a short journey for the pleasure of obtaining magnificent views throughout our amazing landscape in Referta area.

Walking through the levada, one shall have close contact with the slopes of land where our farmers have lifted the famous terraces to cultivate their crops such as vineyards, sugarcane plantations, etc. One shall realise how hard it can become to carry the farmers products in this steep landscape. Fortunate

Eagle's Rock

ly, the irrigaton channels built around Madeira bring the precious water needed to make the plants grow.

Along the levada, there is some panoramic views of the highest peaks inland and the Eagle’s Rock cliff, which stands impressively by the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, situated next to the enchanting village of Porto da Cruz.

Referta levada walk is considered an easy rambling with an average duration of approximately two hours and a distance of six kilometers.

Madeira Happy Tours arranges this excursion with official qualified guides four times per week.

Be welcome to have a taste of Madeira’s nature.

Marco Ferreira

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