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Canyoning in Madeira island is perfect for fans of this sport!

The island has all what is required for a memorable experience in this sort of activity. The natural beauty of the land and its waterfalls, luxurious vegetation, amazing steep cliffs and ravines contribute to this unforgetable experience.

It is a challenge that consists in overtaking obstacles in the wild nature. One will have to swim, jump, and do rappels in beautiful waterfalls.

The canyoning is held within the wonderful settings of Ribeiro Frio area, which is covered by the Laurissilva forest (UNESCO’s world natural heritage), therefore, it is guaranteed you shall be among something of unique scenery to enjoy your canyoning with Madeira Happy Tours.

We start our journey at an altitude of roughly 1000 meters and descend the canyon with six rappels along the way. The highest of all is approximately twenty meters.

The adventure has a duration of three hours thirty minutes and it is available twice per week.

In this excursion, we shall supply you with the necessary equipment without any extra charges. We include the suit, neoprene socks, eight, harness, connectors, energy bar, licence to carry out activities within the protected Laurissilva forest, qualified canyoning monitor, insurance and transportation from your accommodation.

We would like to ask you kindly to bring your own towel, swimming suit, sport shoes to become wet and a change of clothes.

We are sure that you will love every moment of this truly memorable experience.

Happy greetings.

Marco Ferreira

Ribeiro Frio rappel.

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