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If you want to discover the true Madeira island on the tiny back roads criss-crossing the island, then Madeira Happy Tours should be your choice.

The mini bus drivers are very experienced and invariably find all the enchanting spots to visit, showing their personal enthusiasm for the beautiful areas.

Travelling as a small group enables frequent photo stops, more opportunities for short breaks in scenic surroundings and the chance for people to talk and exchange holiday experiences; the atmosphere in the mini buses is always convivial.

On two separate holidays to Madeira, i have been on a number of excursions with this company and had a wonderful time.

Their safety record is exemplary and their prices very competitive. Why not give them a try next time you visit this beautiful island.

Mrs. M. Harvey

Gloucester, U.K.

P.S.- We would like to appreciate the fact that Mrs. Harvey shared her opinion to all of you about the advantages to book your excursions with Madeira Happy Tours. Thank you Mrs. Harvey for your time and that God bless you.

Marco Ferreira

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