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Special offer for an excursion to Santana village on the 12th. of February organized exceptionally to experience the local event so called “Festa dos Compadres”, which is a very interesting interpretation of the Carnival by the local community.

It is considered one of the main cultural attractions in Santana village and it is now a big tradition with more than fifty years.

This sort of event happens only once a year in Madeira island, therefore, it is a special occasion for the locals to visit Santana and it is an extra reason for the tourists to be living more intensively the “people and traditions” in the most genuine way that there is!

The highlight of this event will be held on Sunday afternoon and consists of some giant figures parading through the streets of Santana village spreading colours of joy and fun to every body and amzing the people by its original customes.

All this complicity between the male “compadres” and the females “comadres” will lead to some unfaithful stories which will be taken to a public court session where the humour and satire makes the audience have some good laughs about the situation and remember that this is all about Carnival jokes and fun.

This special tour will be departing at 14:00 and will return to Funchal city at approximately 19:00.

Feel welcome to contact Madeira Happy Tours for further information and reservations.

Happy greetings from the team.

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