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The South-West tour is a very interesting, remote and less explored part of Madeira island.

This is an excursion characterised by the diversity of farming. It is a very rural and traditional region; the type of landscape and the vegetation offers to our holiday makers a different perspective of the island. This is the case whether they visit Madeira island for the first time or are returning guests.

This offers a good opportunity for adventure with Madeira Happy Tours.

The excursion departs from Funchal city towards Ponta do Sol – the suniest village on Madeira island. Ponta do Sol is located by the sea and has a very mild temperature all year round. This little village has a beautiful promenade by the sea, as well as very rugged lanscapes on both sides of the valley.

After stretching our legs and enjoying the views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we drive towards our second break of the day – Madalena do Mar.

Here one will have the opportunity to walk through the best Banana plantations on the island, as well as having an opportunity to witness the working methods of our farmers on our famous terraces. In addition, we will hear how the Banana plants grow in this environment, as well as learning some secrets regarding this.

We will then drive from sea level towards the viewpoint above the village of Madalena do Mar; here there is a wonderful sightseeing point where you will have an opportunity to take photographs of the stunning view overlooking Madalena do Mar. From here you are able to see the steep landscapes of the terraces and marvel at how our agriculturalists work so hard to offer us the tasteful bananas available in the local supermarkets and restaurants.

From this vantage viewing point one is able to see, on the far West side, the village of Calheta and the Yachts Marina.

It is now time to get back in the mini-bus once more and continue our journey to the Parish of Prazeres, where there is a mini-zoo. In this zoo one will find several different species, as for example: geese, ducks, lamas, donkeys, sheep, ponies, ostriches, turtles, etc.

The farm, which is open to the public free of charge, belongs to the Church and relies on donations from the visitors and the local community to provide employment to the local residents and to make the farm viable. You may, in additon, see fruit trees as well as wonderful flowers.

One suggestion, which i should like to make is not to leave the farm without trying the cider available in the Tea House. It is a very soft drink and a good thirst quencher.

After leaving Quinta Pedagogica it is almost lunch-time and we will, therefore, find a restaurant where everyone is able to choose anything from a light snack to a proper meal. We usually stop in the area of Ponta do Pargo in a family run restaurant for the lunch break.

On the second half of the excursion, we visit the prominent sea cliff of Ponta do Pargo.

Quinta Pedagogica Turtle

There is an amazing photo opportunity because of the stunning views from the edge of the cliff overlooking the Northwest and Southwest of the island.

We continue our journey to yet another breathtaking viewpoint overlooking Paul do Mar, a fishing village set amongst a very rugged landscape. The so called “precipice” viewpoint is spectacular for more photographs.

Once we are by the sea in Paul do Mar village, you will experience the laid back life and traditions of the fishermen.

Afterwards, we cross the tunnel, driving to the other small and picturesque village, which is known as Jardim do Mar – said to be the paradise for surfers in Europe.

Finally, last but not least, is the break in Calheta village. Here you can experience a fascinating visit to the sugar cane factory. You will see how the molasses – a very important ingredient in the manufacturing process of our delicious “Honey Cake” as well as the spirit drink called Aguardente, which is used to make the coktail known as Poncha.

On site, you have and opportunity to try the best made “honey cake” in Madeira island, together with a taste of Poncha.

Many of our guests agree that this is the best tour from our extensive programme.

If you would like to see photographs of this “must do” excursion, please take a few minutes to consult our official Facebook page

Rugged landscape of Paul do Mar village.


Thank you and look forward to you joining us…

Marco Ferreira Madeira Happy Tours.

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