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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

In our faq’s list, we have collected our customers, most frequently asked questions over the years about our services.

Feel free to look in here for a question you might have about our products and services or even about Madeira Island.

If you still haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, you can send us any questions you may have, through the form below. Our team of professional experts will respond as soon as possible.

1 - At what time do the tours and the walks start?

1.1 – The main meeting point to start the tours and the walks is at our shop and the departure is at 09:00 o’clock.

The other pick up places can be either before or after the set time of our shop’s departure.

It will be according to the location of your meeting point and the destination of the tour chosen.

2 - How many participants on each tour?

2.1 – Each group of hikers will be up to a maximum of 15 participants on each walk.

In the tours, our mini-buses and mini-coaches can take from 8 passengers up to 16 passengers.

Sometimes, exceptionally the groups can be up to 20 passengers.

3 - Are we picked up / dropped off from our accommodation?

3.1 – Yes, we are able to pick up our guests from the majority of the hotels and accommodations in Funchal city, however, for some other locations in Funchal city we have settled conveniently meeting points for our guests to come.

Regarding the accommodations outside of Funchal city, we are able to arrange the pick-up / drop off for a very reasonable extra fee, otherwise, our guests may come by their means to Funchal city for the meeting.

4 - Is the food included in the excursions or in the walks?

4.1 – No, it is not. When en route there will be opportunities for coffee breaks and lunchtime on the full day tours and our guests feel free to do whatever they wish.

In the case of the full walks, it is necessary to bring your own pack lunch and water.

5 - Which languages can the guides speak?

5.1 – Our guides are multi-lingual. Among the multiple languages that they can speak in Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

6 - How much time will we have in each break?

6.1 – The tours are elaborated to entail the best highlights of each route and the breaks vary according to the size of each place and the attractions that there is to see.

We usually have breaks in the viewpoints that last between 15 to 20 minutes, in the villages the duration of the break can be between 30 to 45 minutes, and in the lunch break, it is roughly 90 minutes.

7 - When should we make the reservations?

7.1 – Your bookings are ought to be done in advance because in some periods our tours and walks are likely to sell fast.

8 - What to take on a tour?

8.1 – We recommend you to take comfortable shoes, a sweater, a jacket, a cap and a bottle of water.

Nevertheless, despite our advice, it is our guests’ decision to bring appropriate garments to the tour.

9 - What to take on a walk?

9.1 – According to the time of the year that you chose to walk in Madeira and taking into consideration our changeable weather, it is necessary to be well prepared for the Levada walks and the mountain trails.

We recommend you to take proper boots or walking shoes with a good grip. An all-weather jacket is a perfect choice for the walks. Bring a flashlight or your mobile telephone with a flashlight to help you cross some of the tunnels in certain walks. A walking stick can be suitable and useful for some of our guests to feel more confident.

10 - How many participants are necessary to confirm a tour?

10.1 – We need only a minimum of 4 participants in each of our activities to have a confirmation to go on.

11 - Is the insurance included in the activities and on the tours?

11.1 – Yes, it is. Our insurance policy is in accordance with Portuguese law.

Every year, we have to make proof of payment and receipt of our policy to the Tourism of Portugal Authority.

12 - Are there any extra charges for payments with credit cards?

12.1 – No, there is not. We accept payments through most of the major cards in circulation.


13 - Is it possible to give a tip to the driver/guide?

13.1 – Yes, it is. You may feel welcome to do so and we leave it at your discretion.

14 - What is the cancellation policy?

1. Cancellations after 18:00 hours prior to the day of your activity will not be refunded for logistical and financial reasons.

2. The clients that do not show for the activities are charged full price.

Haven’t you found the question you’re looking for?

Feel free to send us any questions you might have and we will make sure to answer, as soon as possible. 

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