Go South - Madeira Island Tour

The first stop of our journey is the village of Ponta do Sol. Its name “sunny point” derives from the fact that this is one of the sunniest places on the Island.

The next location is not far away. Madalena do Mar is surrounded by rocky slopes, high cliffs, and the coastline.

Continuing along the coast, we arrive at Calheta, the biggest municipality of Madeira.

The next stop is the small town of Prazeres. Here you may visit the pedagogical animal farm.

Ponta do Pargo is on the extreme Southwest point of Madeira. Here you will find the well-known lighthouse, at 290 meters above sea level.

After lunch, we drive to the traditional fishing village of Paúl do Mar. It's one of the warmest places in Madeira Island.

Afterward, we reach Jardim do Mar, a remote village that until 1960 could only be reached by boat. It's surrounded by colorful wildflowers and steep cliffs.



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