29 September, 2020

The Best of the West – Come Experience the Go West Madeira Island Tour

Go West Madeira Island Tour

Come experience the Northside of Madeira Island

The Go West is the most popular trip amongst first-time visitors. This tour was designed to show you the best highlights of the NorthWest of the Island.

1. Câmera de Lobos

The first stop is at the picturesque fishing village of Câmara de Lobos where you will see the colorful small fishing boats that the locals use to fish the famous catfish. You might even see the catfish drying in the sun. Sir Winston Churchill visited the Island in 1950. Upon his visit, he set up his easel and canvas, sat down, and painted the bay. The photographer Raul Perestrelo immortalized this moment and the location is currently known as the Winston Churchill Viewpoint.

2. Cabo Girão Viewpoint

Afterward, we drive to the Cabo Girão viewpoint. It is the highest sea cliff in Europe (and the second-highest in the world) at 580 meters. On the edge, there is a suspended glass platform. This skywalk is a perfect photo location. Even if you are not comfortable enough to stand on the glass, you can still enjoy the surrounding views of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.

3. Ribeira Brava “Wild River”

Traveling along the coast, we reach Ribeira Brava, its name means “wild river”, it derives from the stream of water that crosses the village. You may visit the local church, built in the 15th century. Behind the church, there is the City Hall, which is surrounded by their well-kept gardens.

Around the same area, you will find the Municipal Market where people can buy fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, handicrafts, and plenty more. You will see several, clothing and shoe shops, cafés, and restaurants by the main road.

4. Paúl da Serra Plateau

Contrasting from the previous stops, we drive to 1300-1500 meters high. Paúl da Serra plateau is the flattest area in the entire Island. It is also where some of the most beautiful Levada walks are located. You will see breathtaking views over lush green valleys and mountains.

5. Lunchtime at Porto Moniz

At lunchtime, we arrive at a village located by the sea on the Northside of the Island. Porto Moniz is famous for its natural swimming pools formed many years ago by volcanic lava and filled by seawater.

It is lunch break time, therefore we stay in Porto Moniz for about 90 minutes. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you wish you may go into the pools for a swim.

6. Véu da Noiva (Bride’s Veil) viewpoint

After lunch, we drive to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Madeira. This viewpoint overlooks Véu da Noiva (Bride’s Veil) waterfall. The waterfalls down from 30 meters high into the Atlantic Ocean.

7. São Vicente

The next stop is the village of São Vicente. You will be in-between the mountains and the ocean. On the main road, by the sea, you will find several cafés, restaurants, and little shops. You may also visit the church, which features an eclectic construction dating to 1692, with a simple facade and Mannerism portal.

8. Encumeada’s viewpoint

Afterward, we drive to Encumeada’s viewpoint at 1007 meters. It offers an astonishing view of both the North and the South sides of Madeira.

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